Zoric Oil and Gas Company Fraud Recruitment

Location/place: Navimumbai

Name of company/service: Zoric Oil and Gas Company

Respected all,

I had been received a job offer from zoric oil and gas company,quality house, 5-9 quality court chancery lane London WC2A 1HP UK.via email i.e. Send by the Dr.Tony Evra (Personnel Manager).

Zoric oil and gas company ,email : [email protected], [email protected],

[email protected]

hotline : +44704245095,

other line : +447017031290,+447017990025.

He also provided appointment letter for me and gave contact details of the British embassy immigration officer/Representative.

Dr.George Donald his phone : +918447492748. Email:[email protected]

according to his suggestion i had been spent the money (98800.00 INR) still yet for visa,work/Resident permit.

But they demanding some money for processed it.

I have not enough money for paid to them.

His immigration officer has been not receive my call or call me within 8-days.

Kindly provide help us for how get the MY Documents and Money.
Ramdulare Rajbhar
email:ramdula[email protected]
Contact No. +919702481299

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