Zomato loots its customers

I ordered pancakes from the London Bubble Co. on the 8th of October this month. But I recieved an incomple order.After which I complained and got in touch with the zomato customer sercive. I paid Rs 146 for the pancakes (Rs 136 for the dish plus Rs 10 delivery charges). After complaing and also sending the pictures zomato credited my zomato account with 36 credits. When I demanded a full refund in either my paytm account or as zomato credits I was outrightly refused and told that this was against the company policy and they asked me to let go off this issue and bear with them. On further conversations when I stated clearly that I am not satisfied with their solution they have been dodging me and refuting to solve my problem. Also simultaneously while complaining to zomato I was also talking to the restaurant owner from where I ordered my pancakes from where I came to know that zomato had deducted their account for the amount of the price of the product. This is when I got more pissed off that zomato did not only return my money but also charged the restaurant for the order. This is how zomato loots its customers on a regular basis. Its been 6 days since I placed the complaint but the only reply I have been getting is you issue has been escalated to higher authorities. Being such a big company and having such hopeless customer service and treating your regular and zomato gold customers like this is really disappointing and unexpected.

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