zbooking a consignment and not delivering

Location/place: ahmedabad

Name of company/service: TCI xps

Dear Sir,
I am Nilay Modi from Artiex machinery Pvt ltd.
We have booked our consignment from TCi xps narol for orissa, keonjhar district. LR nO is 127057151.
It was booked as to pay consignment. At booking time it was not declared any OD charges would be there.
Now the consignment has reached Rourkela instead of keonjhar. They are telling me it is very far from that place. Is it my mistake, it should be clarified by them at the time of booking. Also it reached rourkela on 15 june 2012 and he didn’t released the goods for four days and at the end of four days he is telling me to pay the entire charges eventhough it was booked on To pay basis.
None of the representatives of TCI xps answered properely against such improper business behaviour. Who is responsible for the loss occured due to material not reaching on the site on proper time.

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