You Broadband

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: You Broadband / Internet Service

I subscribed to Hurricane plan (12 MBPS, 36 GB, 90 days validity) on June 12 2012. While subscribing I was told that connection will be done in 4 days. It tool 7 days. After that everything was ok till I received a call on 13 Jul 2012 that I am left with only 4 days of subscription and I should renew it. When contacted office of You Broadband, first they told that mistake is corrected. on 17 July, when I showed record on their website, one of the persons at YouBB office told me that I should send scanned copy of subscription form over the mail. The mail bounced since his mailbox had size restriction and it did not allow 2.5MB file. I wrote to him ([email protected]) that people in his office has seen the proof and YouBB need to ensure that service is not disrupted. On 18 July, my worst fear came true and internet was disconnected as my account was suspended. When I went to their office (in Indiranagar), I was made to speak to someone in accounting dept. After listening to my compliant he passed the phone to first person ([email protected]…). This guy told me to submit hard copy of subscription form and he will do the needful. I left a copy of the form in Indiranagar (14 A Cross) office of YouBroadband. No one has bothered to call up nor restored the connection. As a result in spite of paying for 3 months (Rs.2665), I had to settle for just 1 month usage with fraction of MBs consumed.

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