XIAOMI India evading proper conversation and not registering my Issue of this new Phone, let alone resolve the issue since more than a month.

Thousands of people all over the Internet who have the Redmi Note 5 Pro (Made in India variant) have been facing 86006 error issue while trying to bind their account to the device, because of which we are unable to unlock our bootloader and as a result of which the developers are unable to work around the software and earn their livelihood, also, a lot of people who enjoy those customization and want to apply to their phones are unable to do it.

This issue is only for the Made in India variants, the Made in China variants are working fine. People have been raising this issue and yet Xiaomi India has only responded that developers are looking into it. BUT WHAT IS THE GUARANTEE THAT THEY ARE ACTUALLY ARE WORKING ON IT?

Xiaomi India is not taking my request of raising a Bug issue and escalation of the issue, and they have been responding to my emails with copy-pasted general template responses and due to no transparency in the escalation matrix of the company, the consumers are helpless, and they can’t do anything about it.

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