I am a Merchant on and I dispatched a Product for Order 93309896, Invoice Amount 374/-, on 18th June 2016.

This Product was not received by the Customer and marked as RTO (Return to Origin). While returning the Product, it get lost by the Courier, as accepted by Shopclues.

As per T&C the Payment for the Product should be credited in my a/c. because neither I got the Product & moreover I am suffering a loss for Rs -165.00/-.

Their billing system is showing something like this:-

Date:- Amt.

2016-08-02 +115.4 (Cr.)

2016-08-09 -115.4 (Dr.)

2016-08-16 +115.0 (Cr.)

2016-08-16 -165.0 (Dr.)

As a result my loss is Rs -165.00/-

I raised my first Complaint Ticket on on 13th July 2016 by Ticket no. 741048 which later changed to Ticket 754738 on 2nd Aug and then it changed again to Ticket to 754738 on 16-08-2016 and my Last Ticket #025386 was raised on 11th July which is still Pending.

Unnecessary delay, unsystematic management. They are irresponsible people with loot mentality and so I want a strict action against them.

I want my loss amount for that Product.

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