Wrongly furnished product information and unlawful charging for it

Location/place: Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Name of company/service: SBI

Respected Sir/Madam,
I am Vinod Jos. I had a SBI credit Card no. 4006676534306918. In last week of Jan 2012 I requested for closure of the card as I had no use of it. On speaking to the call centre executive I was informed that there were reward points of about 2300 points, which could be redeemed. I okayed for the same. On asking what were the products available within the points in the account, I was informed of some products from the catalogue. As per the information given by them I selected one of products which was a citizen carry bag with an alarm clock. At the same time when I was on the line with the executive, my wife was viewing on the net the same catalogue. My wife informed me that the product code mentioned was a watch on the net and not a carry bag. I reconfirmed with executive and repeatedly asked her what the product was. She confirmed and reconfirmed that it was a carry bag. I accepted her version and asked her to deliver the product. In the first week of-Feb the product was delivered to my residence. On opening I found that the product is as my wife mentioned at that time, a watch and not a carry bag as the executive informed. Anyways, I accepted the product and used it.
On 25 Feb 2012 the card statement out and was reflecting that an amt of some Rs.22000 /- was outstanding against the account. On again calling up the call centre through the IVR I came to know that the outstanding amt is for the pay element of the product. This product was actually a redeem plus pay product. The actual cost of the watch was Rs. 22000/-. I was shocked. First of all I cannot afford that kind of money upfront and neither did I want a costly product like this on payment. Originally, it was just a case of card closure which snowballed into this.
To cut the long story short, I many times called the call centre and complained regarding this. After making innumerable calls and speaking to numerous executives and also the floor manager Mr Rajneesh, they had checked the voice recordings , it was accepted the the error lay with them.
In the meantime I have not paid the outstanding amt which has increased to Rs28000 due to interest over the last four months.
Between the time of the product being delivered and the statement coming out that was a duration of some 20 odd days during which I used the product only once. This I have clearly informed the SBI people. I have also informed that I am willing to return the product, provided all outstanding amt is cleared. This I have told many times to them. I have laid down that, ask your marketing people to collect the product from me and revert the outstanding amount.
Now in the last call that I made to the executive I was informed that in the database it is updated and it shows that the product cannot be taken back as it has been used once and that the amount of Rs 28000/- has to be paid in full.
This is unacceptable. I have been through a lot of anxiety and have been troubled a lot over this. I‘ve made innumerable calls to the SBI call centre and wasted a lot of my time over it.
My argument is if the fault is with the SBI executive in the first place of not informing me completely about the product and its details why should I be made a sufferer for it and pay for it. I am not claiming any damages which, I can rightfully claim. Only want that, this is settled to my complete satisfaction.
The complain no. is 0110910000996
My name is Vinod Jos
Credit Card no.- 4006676534306918
Mobile no.- 9723056781
Date of birth – 31-10-1974
Mothers name – Mrs.KO Jos
Address- 6 Parijat park
New Sama Road

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