wrongly barred my outgoing calls

Location/place: chennai

Name of company/service: aircel cellular services

My mobile no. is 9094033981.In the month of may I paid Rs.1200 by chq , 1200 online payment and Rs.150/- online payment. Last months bill amount 1209. I
paid an excess of 1300 approx. Last month my outgoing was barred and i had to try 6hrs for the the line to get released. The telecom company apologised for their mistake next month bill will also be adjusted in this. today also without taking the balance amt into consideration they barred my outgoing call and they have not released it even after 20 calls made to them. I lost almost 20000/- in business since my business involves lots of outgoing calls that is why i have taken 999 plan. I request the esteem forum to take action and get compensation in this regard

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