Wrong/False commitment from Agents

Location/place: New Delhi

Name of company/service: Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance

Sir/ Ma’am
It is to bring to your kind concern, the misguidance, lies and deceive conducted in the name of “Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance” and duping me of my hard earn money. The progress of the case (with my questions in-between) is/are as follows:

1.I, Biraj Singh from New Delhi, made some investment at the HDFC bank at the beginning of this year (2012).
2.Immediately, other banks started calling me telling me about insurance and investment plans and to invest in their bank. (Q1. Do the banks share/ leak the customers information to other bank?)
3.One Mr Vishal called me from his office at Janakpuri ( Landline no-011 49346200) and explain to me about Kotak Moneyback guarantee plan with a policy term of 5 years. I like the plan and he send someone to pick my cheque (HDFC cheque no. 484159, Amount Rs 4500) and also to fill the form. The cheque was cleared on 18th April.(Q2. Since the discussion was done on the landline, the conversation must be recorded, Why cannot the customer get access to that?)
4.I received the policy papers on 21st April 2012, and was shocked to find that the policy term is for 20 years instead of 5 years. I immediately called up on his mobile no 9718835385. He apologised and send someone to pick the policy papers the same day. That was the last conversation i had with him as he thereafter switch off his mobile.
5.I start calling his office at Janakpuri but there is nobody by the name of Vishal (Q3. Why the agent use fake name to con the customer?) I called the customer support at 18002098800. I told them about the issue but it was of no help as i don’t know the policy number. They tried checking through my Date of Birth, mobile number, address but unable to come up with the details of the policy. (Q4. How come the company cannot find any details on their data within the first 15 days?)
6.I send an Email to [email protected] and [email protected] on 18th May 2012 . Janki Jadhav from Kotak replied and ask for policy number (Screen shot 2 attached). After a number of emails from my side, finally they give lodge a complain only on 4th June 2012 and give me a complain no KLI-120604-00002824.
7.Thereafter Mr Santosh Mobile no-9891671116 started to call me from Janakpuri office stating that he is sorry that i am suffering because of Mr Vishal’s false commitment. He told me that he will fired him now and will deduct the premium amount from his salary. He also emotionally blackmailed me saying that Mr Vishal has a family and a small daughter name Gudiya, and to pardon him and withdraw the complain. He also add that Mr Vishal is a handicap and cannot walk. He was out of station as his father, who was suffering from TB, just expired a few days back. Mr Santosh plead to me to consider and withdraw the complain. (Q5. Mr Santosh is also a fake identity, as he was referring me sometimes as Mr. Singh and sometimes as Santosh ji. How can he refer someone with his own name?)
8.Later another Mr. Dev call me from his mobile no-9718835385 (This is Mr Vishal’s no) and told me that both Santosh and Vishal are terminated and that he will send me the money immediately. The same day, a person came with a complain withdrawal letter and ask me to sign it. I denied signing the letter as it was stated that my complain is resolved. The person let me talk to Mr Dev on his mobile. Mr Dev ask me to sign as he can send Rs 3000 only after i sign that letter. I refuse to sign it.
9.The next day, I received a letter from Kotak Mahindra confirming that my contact number is changed as per my request (Q6. Who is requesting to change my contact number?) (Q7. Is Kotak Mahindra working hand in glove with this fraud people?)
10. Mr Dev called up again warning me of dire consequences if i don’t cooperate and sign the Complain withdrawal Letter. He abuse me and threatened that he will send some people as he know where i stay. Mr Santosh also joined and warn me “ Get Rs 1000 now and sign the letter or you get nothing”
11.I immediately talk to Ms Radhika at your customer support and also wrote another email to Janki Jadhav , Ms Radhika advise me not to receive any call from the Jankpuri group but i never got any reply from Janki Jadhav.
12. Today, i call your cusomer support and talk to Mr Hrisikesh, he sound nice but i was shock when he inform me that my complain is closed.

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