Dear Sir

My name is rashmi i joined smartchip noida with big dream of sim cards in june 2017 when i joined one senior software developer MANISH PANDEY was behind me and proposed me in whole office that i only love you he invited me to movies in which he kissed touched me and made so many promises will never leave you will meet your parents and suddenly ditched me in december 2017 without any reason. My team members were involved in between who told me we help in marriages of so many people in our company and will help you also in settling your home with Manish. They were daily haressing me in between my work & disturbed me in calls daily. I was totally ignoring them but they were gossping in small technical support room everytime behind the door asking meupdates about manish. Then in anger in FEBRUARY I posted everthing on facebook that every employee readed , after which LADY HR AYESHA GANGULY called me in cabin & asked me whole story what happened with manish tell me rashmi what he did with you ?? I got nervous & told her whole truth about manish, then on next day my Technical support manager came MR. RISHI YADAV , who called me in cabin with Ayesha & blackmailed me so rudely that you will not take any action on MR. MANISH & will not write anything to his relatives on facebook & you will not talk to him, otherwise we will TERMINATE OR BLACKLIST YOU. In anger i again posted on facebook with fake account & Again manager called me & told to write one email that you will follow our conditions you have to leave that guy otherwise we police will come in our office and we cant help you.. & LADY HR at the same time told my Mother on phone that your daughter is not performing good in work we cant let her work here.
Then i wrote one email forcefully by asking my father that i will follow company rules & work silent & culprit have to ask me sorry in whole office & on email & no one call me in between my work to discuss my personal life in office premises.

When i started to work silently next three months my team members again started haressing me daily so that i can resign.. and on 14 MAY 2018 finally my manager called me in between my work & told me not to come form tomorrow itself we don’t need you as you are not leaving that guy personally. Manager told me to write forcefully resign letter & told me to write one line that you are resigning yourself not on saying of us write this also, they told me to not talk to my father about letter & snatched my i card also , Lady hr AYESHA GANGULY told my mother i terminated your daughter forcefully under the pressure of MR. RISHI YADAV MANAGER ONLY. They both blackmailed me 6 times in cabin.

I am sitting at my home form last 2 months in big depression i got double punishment one guy ditched me & others snatched my job also.
MY parents spoke to HR Head also but they did not helped us as promised in getting job over there again.

I hold my hands and request you to provide me justice & take action on culprits MR. RISHI YADAV & HR AYESHA GANGULY BOTH

I request you to kindly call me first on my number 8700122194 & discuss everything with me first.

Rashmi Lalchandani

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