Wrong service provided and charged

Location/place: Jaipur

Name of company/service: Indian Coffee House, Jawahar Kala kendra, jaipur

On 30th march 2012, me and my three friends went to Indian coffee house in evening at Jawahar Kala kendra, jaipur on the eve of Rajasthan Diwas celebrations.

There i ordered 4 milk shakes for all of us. The order was made very clear and was repeated twice to the waiter. The order was served to us and we had our drink.

As we were sitting there we also ordered for 2 Cheese omlette and 1 masala dosa. The same was served to us and we had it.
When i asked for the bill the waiter told me that it amounted to Rs 245. I was really perplexed to know that because milk shake was only Rs 18 Each and Omlette was Rs 40 and dosa of rs 35. Thus the total should have been not more than 200 inclusive of taxes. Then i inquired about the bill details then the waiter said “padhe hue ni ho kya, sirkar ko tax bhi to deinge 10%”. As a matter of fact vat charged is 5 % and the waiter told us to be 10%. Then i said i want the bill, the waiter replied again “bill ka kya karoge”. I got the bill of Rs 241. This shows that the waiter intended to keep Rs. 4 with him.

Then came the real shock, we went to the billing desk and asked about how we were charged rs 25 for milk shake, the waiter and the official at the billing desk said in same tone that we were served “Rooafza shake”. And it was of rs 25. i decided to let it go but a new blunder came when we were chrged for bread slices that were served to us with the omlettes. We didn’t order for bread slices still we were served. We were unaware of the fact that they charge extra for the same. Also the rate list only read “2 egg cheese omlette Rs 40″ , it was nowhere mentioned that bread slice extra. Also one of my fried is allergic to wheat and has been guided by his doctor not to consume wheat in any form. Thus he had to give up on eating omlette.

As a result i told the cashier to change the bill as it was not our fault, he yelled at us saying that ” kha lia na, ab bill do”. It was really very embarrasing situation for us as it was quite crowded tht day.They were treated us as if we were not having any money to order what we had. One waiter even went to the extent of saying ki “tum main akal honi chahiye na ki milk sgake mein roohafza ni dalta”. It was quite an arguement and at last we had to leave from that place.The incident completely ruined our spirit and we didn’t even enjoy the program.

Now the issues that arise are, should a consumer know about the ingredients of what he is going to be served, what all he shuld assume to be free and what not. also, the credbility of the staff working there is under question who are reluctant to give bills and provide with wrong amont to consumer to keep thier share. Above all this is happening in such a reputed place which is the favourite hangout place for the artisians of our city. So many artists that visit it are illiterate and have no knowledge of vat and other taxes. i wonder that if this is the way they treat educated people like us, what they must be doing to the artists who have no knowledge of their rights.

I would like that it is taken up seriously and we should be compensated adequately enough for the insult and cheating we had to undergo that day.

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