Wrong Product delivered and Loss of money paid

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My Order Number: 405-2568922-59170745

I have ordered on the 10th October 2018, two double pack of crompton Aura
fans. But I am delivered on 18th October 2018, two single pack of Crompton
Aura fans, when I was not available in the house. Your delivery agent has
neither phoned to me nor got the acknowledgement from the inmates of the
house. Your delivery agent simply placed the items near the door of my
house and went. When I complained against the wrong item delivered on 20th
October 2018, I am told that the investing team will investigate and inform
me on the 30th October 2018.But your investing team has not so sent to me
their investigating reports When I phoned to the customer service on my own
to-day, I am told that correct quantity is delivered and the issue is over.
I have paid Rs. 6838.20 but I am delivered only two single fans worth
Rs.3400/- Then what is the way out for me to get back my hard earned money.
Please advise me the contact number of the delivery agent and also your
delivery manager. I am a customer of you since 2014. I request you to go
through the history of my customers. I have not encountered so far a
problem like this. This is the first time I am getting a bad experience
form M/s Amazon. Please help me in coming out of this problem.

I require your investigating team’s reports on the following.
1. The order is placed with the seller M/s Home and Kitchen Gallery but is
executed by SAJM Online, Raj Laxmi complex building no AJ, Gali No 45
Kalher villagem Bhiwandi, Dist. Thane, Maharashtra – 421302, IN.
2. How much quantity is given to the courier by your seller and get me a
copy of the acknowledgement given by courier to the seller.
3. The courier agent at Bangalore is telling that he has delivered only
what M/s Amazon has entrusted to him. He require M/s Amazon to initiate a
delivery investigation against him.
4. Why the delivery agent has not phoned to me before delivery and got my
signature for the correct delivery of the items.
5. I request to reopen the investigationn with the courier once again and
give me justice.
6. I require all reports from purchase order, packing stage, deliver to
courier and deliver by courier to me.
7. I am frustrated with M/S AMAZON for the first time. I thought M/s Amazon
will support me in getting the correct quantity and solve my problem
smoothly. But your customer service team is not giving me any information
about delivery, courier and not rendering any help to me in solving my
problem. I do not know where the fault has occurred. After ten days of
investigation, they have not provided to me any investigation report. They
told over the period that they are investigating and at the end they simply
close the issue neither solving my problem nor giving any report.

I request you to advise M/s AMAZON manager and courier Delivery Manager to
contact me in this regard.
Yours faithfully,


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