Wrong Printed bill has been given when it was needed for Insurance claim

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: UniverCell Koramangala Near Sony World

I bought Samsung Nexus with mobile insurance from UniverCell Koramangala Near Sony world Bangalore on 16/07/2011.That Time I got Hand written bill.
My phone was theft on 21/03/2012.Since I bought my phone with insurance I posted all required document to Oriental Insurance Chennai .
.After sometime I got my document back saying that they need printed invoice and some other document.
I went to UniverCell shop and collect collected printed invoice there they took my orinal invoice saying they need for record .
After getting all document I posted same to Oriental Insurance Chennai.
Again I got document back after some time and this time I was surprised they reason for rejection given was I have not paid Insurance.
The reason was in printed invoice Mobile insurance was not mentioned.
I went to again UniverCell Koramangala to collect Correct Invoice and told about mistake you guys have done.
There representative Nagabhushan was not ready to accept mistake even he told It may be data entry error time I bought mobile. I suspect there is some scam to avoid insurance claim.
I am attaching original invoice copy
Please look into this matter .

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