Wrong Deductions by operator on my Prepaid Acount 9699676487

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Reliance Communications

Dear Sir,

I bought my Reliance Prepaid number 9699676487 in Feb 2012.

Every day and now operator use to deduct money from account on account activating services which I do not require.

Also I subscribed for GPRS pack on this number for which I paid money from my prepaid account, but still they were deducting money from my account for GPRS usage.

When I call their customer care and apellate authority regarding refunding my money back, they do not give any satisfactory resonse and keep phone on hold for infinite durations.

This is just a request from a single user, these companies are looting money from their thousand subscribers by indulging in such unfair means.

Please look into this matter on priority

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