Wrong deduction for which no written terms and conditions mentions anywhere.

Location/place: Nadiad – Gujarat

Name of company/service: Tata Docomo

My Tata Docomo no is 8460224901

On 6 June 2013 I had free GPRS usage in MB was more than 100 MB till mid night and 7 rupees talktime for lifetime.
The same day I made recharge of 330/- in the account in morning and my balance was 337 rupees talktime total after recharge.

Surprising on the last day also I used my free remaining GPRS usage as usaual like last 29 days from my internet pack activated. Though 209/- rupees cut from my balance due to internet “multiple website usage” as per the tata docomo customer care people are saying. Now, the senior officer on 121 service number tells me that as per “unmentioned terms and condition anywhere on the website” – due to low usage remaining in your account this amount cut from your balance. I again replied him that on 6 June 2013 I already have more than 100 MB free gprs usage and even at 11:40pm I had 16MB free usage. I send BAL sms to 121 at 11:40pm and I got this details. So, how could 209/- rupees cut from my account between 8pm and 9pm on 6th June 2013 even though till 11:40pm I had 16MB free gprs usage left in my account.

So, after meeting officers at Tata Docomo centre in Nadiad and service officers on 121 number there is one answer something like -” multiple website usage” during low REMAINING free gprs usage. Which is not mentioned on any tata docomo website or anywhere else in written as terms and conditoins. So, its totally cheating with me or some server problem may be which is not going to be solved.

-Sandip Patel
Nadiad, Gujarat

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