Wrong commitment and They make customer follies … Mr. Mahendra Singh Dhoni also you know because this comment is doing you infront of Indians by media.

Very pathetic service by Indiabulls Dhani Personal Loan……………………………………..
They make customer follies … Mr. Mahendra Singh Dhoni also you know because this comment is doing you infront of Indians by media.
They are doing just irritations of client. They process of it as mentioned below
Steps 1 – They can approve loan within 2 minute and telling to sign docs.
Steps 2 – At final stage of validation account they can stop you and showing unable to update after that all drama will start
Steps 3 – If you call to customer care they can suggest different things to each time to engage client to spend 5-8 days and interest goes running without disbursal money.
Steps 4 – If client sought on execute then they said some of errors and for that they need some time (time not define it may be day or month or year)
Steps 5 – If client become headache then they suggests I will transfer call to superior then they transfer but call not transfer if just cut a call.
For Better know Looks conversion send via mail to [email protected] and keep cc to [email protected], [email protected] but after till now not received any response and single to mail at lease query raised mail. There is a way nodal officer will not respond.
Think is the organization
Re: Unable to validate account for Dhani personal loan with Registered Mobile No. 9785558742 and PL ID 12814875

Prahlad Sharma
Oct 11, 2018, 6:49 PM (20 hours ago)

to service_dhani, care_dhani, nodal_dhani

Dear Dhani Team,

As per my previous mail of unable to validate account but stile not found any kind of solution of it and there is no courtesy of replying mail. there was a pathetic response.

Now team give me final solution of considering below point.

1. I registered for personal loan with my Registered no. 9785558742 with PL ID – PL12814875 of Amounting Rs. 50,000/- before 5 days.
2. After that I signed aadhar Letter and Loan Document
3. After that facing problem to validate account, there was a errors show every time unable to validate your account. please re-try with a bank account registered on your Name.
4. Above point I raised with customer care they suggest open a account with kotak mahindra bank then we can validate therefore I opened account with kotak mahindra bank online of 811 account scheme.
5.After that I trying to validate but facing same problem then again raised the complaint to customer care but they suggest to wait atleast 48 hrs. and I followed the instruction.
6. Finaly yesterday I got frustrated because facing same problem and unable to find solution after long time and I mail to [email protected] but no response received for mail.
7. Till now facing same problem is there any solution for it.

As you know it I signed docs. means my interest got started without receiving money, there is second point but you all know the person who borrowing loan means he or she required on urgent basis and they desired to solve any financial needs on a quick basis but my side got totally lose.

I request you to please solved this on an immediate basis. No excuse for time taken because it already taken. if need any telephonic conversion please call me on 8005894602

For better help I attach some document.
1. Adhar Card
2. Pan Card
3. Bank account overview screenshot
4. Error screenshot

Thanks & Regards

On Wed, Oct 10, 2018 at 1:37 PM Prahlad Sharma wrote:

As I login to Dhani app for personal loan and it will got approved of Rs. 50,000/- before 3 days.

After that I trying to validate account detail but it unable to validate please suggest me and rectify this problem.

if need any clearance via telephonic then please me on 8005894602.

For acknowledge I attach the screenshot.

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