Wrong commitment and emposing charges

Dear Sir/Madam,
Airtel representative has committed free additional number portability on my plan of Rs799 with all the benefits of plan free of charge based on that I ported one additional number but now they are charging for the same even after raising the complain they are not ready to waive the charges. Even they have accepted their fault but forcing me to bear the charges that to not for once but billing of every month.
I requested them either waive the charges or reverse the porting of the said number but they are adamantly denied my request.
Complaining with regard to:
1. Misleading the customer
2. Providing the wrong SIM which delays the customer to know that he was cheated
3. Inconvenience caused due to deactivation of existing SIM for prolong period
4. Adamantly denying for reversal of charges or reversal of porting request even after accepting their fault.
Request you to consider the complain and take immediate action to save me as well as other customers from this kind of tactics.
Enclosing the mail trail for reference and complete info.
Vijay Tanwar

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