wrong charges for post paid connection

Location/place: ahmedabad

Name of company/service: Reliance communication

my cell no is :+91-8000810810
relationship no. :500000139492
bill no :324582761882
bill amount : 3006-00
my reference no is 2886254257

i have taken a gprs plan of 99 rs with 2.5 gb free data use.
on 22 nd june i got the msg from rcom that your uses is high kindly pay 2200 immediate…
i called to the customer care and asked for this msg they told me your data uses is high that’s y
you got this msg .. i asked wen my free quota completed i didnt got any warning msg or warning call for that
then executive told this all information u will get after bill generate.

after bill generate i called 3-4 times to the customer care and told about my issue.
they told me you issue is ligal and we forward this issue concern dept and i also got
the call from reliance (022-30388366 )on 4-08-12 ..
and they also agreed to process for waiver immediate..
but my due date for the payment is coming i paid 500 rs online and called today to customer care
and they told me we cant give you the waiver and you have to pay the bill amount..

so kindly help me to resolve the issue because i never get this amount’s bill since last 3 years wen i got
the connection from reliance and regular make the payment….

omprakash suthar

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