Location/place: KOLKATA

Name of company/service: TATA DOCOMO PHOTON

Dear Sir,

This has reference to mail of Mr Vipin dated Jun 11, 2012 wherein he has not addressed to my complaints Nos. 2), 3) and 4) as asked for by me.

Moreover as per the attachment provided by Mr Vipin which is enclosed for your kind perusal, the Tata Docomo CDMA/ Walky/ Photon Number : 9239552970 and Plan name/Scheme name :
0310/BOTH/VD/TRF/NU/PO/HSIA [email protected] Plan .

However as per my records I have Tata Docomo Photon Plus 1800 mins scheme @ Rs 500/= with Photon Number 9230074018 and A/c No941371891. You will observe that the Photon Number and scheme does not match with what I have opted for and this is my Complaint No(5).Kindly do not mail me that the attachment has been wrongly sent by Mr Vipin.

It is clear evidence that you are misleading me and that bills are
being manipulated.Kindly clarify on this complaint (5) also.

Also for your convenience I am sending the other complaints once
again for their resolution

(1) SMS not received of Usage – Resolved on 07/05/12

(2) Excess usage time as per your records – Still not resolved till
date.First complaint was sent on 06/05/12 and my trail mails are proof
that no action has been taken till date.Attachment of Unbilled usage enclosed.

(3) Welcome Letter received by me on 13/05/12. However as per Mr
Ramandeep Mehra’s mail received by me on 03/05/12. – Not resolved till
date. Proof of receipt of Welcome Letter by me or anyone in my
residence on 03/05/12 not given to me till date.

(4) Call from a Managerial level person as per mail of Mr Neelanshu
dated 27/05/12 – No call received till date.

I am still continuing with the mental trauma you have bestowed
upon me for having taken Tata Photon and request you to reimburse Rs
1200/= for purchasing Tata Photon and Rs 487/= against payment of
excess usage shown Bill.(I had mailed to you that I am not using Tata
Photon from 03/05/12 and then was requested to wait for bill
geneartion for resolution of complaint)

Kindly note that I have no liability to pay the current bill as
you made me pay last bill without resolution of my complaints.

My patience is running out and I may be forced to take some
drastic steps for which Tata Docomo Photon alone will be responsible
unless a solution is reached to my 4 complaints[Nos.(2), (3),(4) and

Yours truly,
Bhupendra Singh Taragi

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