Wrong Billing Done

Location/place: Lucknow

Name of company/service: Vodafone UP-East

Dear Sir,

This is regarding my Vodafone no. 9554961077 for which we would like to share my problems which I am facing since a long time but as on date no revert received.
Issues which I am facing since a long time are as follows –

1) Due to improper billing Cycle I was not able to pay the bills on time so requested several times since Jan-2012 for changing of billing cycle. When we not received any revert from Vodafone we requested for MNP. After two days on 30-Mar12 we received call from Vodafone & you assured for changing of billing cycle whose request was placed on 30-Mar-2012 thru 2268916286 with Plan change request.

On the next month Bill Plan changed but billing cycle not changed yet.

2) Was using Vodafone Mobile Connect from a long time thru Vodafone, which was for a very low amount also was receiving 100% discounts over the data charges from billing period of Mar-2012 onwards. But in the bill period of May-2012 for which bill received on 01-Jun-2012 there was not discount calculated & a huge amount of Rs. 3,451.00 on the data usage of 362910 KB. Unable to understand if discount is not provided then how the charges are calculated.

After calling at helpdesk not getting any response. Also getting daily reminders to pay the bills unnecessary.

You are requested to please look into the matter & resolve otherwise I have no other option either have to split from Vodafone without paying bill & knock any other door for Getting a Help.


Narendra Kumar

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  1. 8 years ago

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