Wrong Billing / Disconnection

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: Airtel Broad


I am a working woman and I had an Airtel Broadband Connection under our company’s corporate plan. The plan’s name is: techm 3g 450 datacard plan2(without voice without sms). I got the connection in the month of May 2012. In the month of June, 2012, the connection was so bad that I could hardly use it. Also, I got no warnings whatsoever about crossing the free 3g 2GB limit (I had got them in the month of May like ‘You have crossed 80% of your limit’ etc). The bill for June, 2012 came as Rs. 1,122.86. Also the itemized bill had ridiculous entries. e.g. for 2 seconds difference between 2 consecutive connection entries the charge is given as Rs. 257.16! There are some other entries too which show 0 second difference between two consecutive connection entries but they are charged! I raised a request for disconnection of service. But now they are calling me up to ask me to pay Rs. 1122.86. The woman on the other end keeps insisting that if I keep the connection, my bill can be waived off but if not, I need to pay up. What sort of irrelevent statement is this?

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