wrong billing and non-processing of request

Location/place: Pune

Name of company/service: Reliance Netconnect

Myself Sanjeev Kashyap is an old customer of reliance(Netconnect no. 9326594104) , but currently i am really unhappy with the poor feedback from reliance and its executive. I had registered a request of change of plan on 30 April 2012(Request id- 175995725), but the request has not been processed whereas i was in a belief that my plan has been changed as i had requested. Now the reason i am getting for such an action is that the plan which i requested had been discontinued, which i was never told before today. If such was the case i should have been notified for the same before proceeding on with the same plan, on the contrary i am getting the feedback that nothing can be done now from their side. I am unable to understand such an incompetent behavior from reliance toward the customer

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