Wrong bill Fraud

Location/place: Rohini Delhi

Name of company/service: Icici prudential


I am an existing loyal customer of vodafone no.8860076462. I am corporate user and have been using vodafone from a long time but his time i am quite annoyed with the services given. I got 3G internet service activated on my phone last month which was i made a mistake thinking that i’ll receive a good service, but what i received is a fraud. My credit limit was 3100 which got exceed to 5000 when i sent an email to corporate care and gave request on vodafone store as-well.

On june 11, 2012 i received a text form vodafone stating that by current usage is Rs.175846 soon after i called 111 customer care said it was a mistake from our side and asked me to ignore the msz.

Same day i got a text saying that my unbilled amount is about Rs 6300 and let me confirm a day before my unbilled usage was Rs. 6700 can you give me an explanation how a unbilled usage can be decrease by Rs. 400 again when i called 111 they asked me to ignore this msz.

Let me draw your attention my services was barred on 11th june, 2012 stating that my usage is exceeded the credit limit then after i paid a minimum amount of Rs. 350 next day which became an outstanding of Rs. 437 from my side then my services was activated again but on 17th of june 2012 my services barred again when asked my unbilled usage was around 9K.

From that day my services is not activated and what i got as gift is my unbilled usage become my payee bill, which is big ,mistake from your hand.
After speaking to customer care on the same day when my services was deactivated my usage of internet was 642MB which is exactly 124MB extra from my plan which is 500MB in Rs. 200.

As per conversation with the executive from vodafone who called me for the 3G service activation on my Iphone for which i agreed. He committed and told me that unbilled amount is charged as 10P/10KB which is about Rs. 5500 but when bill is generated the unbilled amount get discounted in to Rs. 200 for 500MB whiich is charged as 2P/10KB and post usage is same again. He also committed when i’ll use extra then 500MB i will receive a text from vodafone and i’ll know my usage.

As my last unbilled usage was about 9K which is sensibly right as per 624KB along with my calls and text but what i’ve received is totally unacceptable and like a fraud.

At last i would clear the statement either rectify my bill and problem both and if not done or continued as a result i’ll not pay this bill and move the company to consumer forum because i’ll not tolerate this negligence and stupid mistakes. If you think my problem and complaint is unreasonable then you’re most welcome prove it or give me an explanation otherwise court will take an answer from Vodafone.

One last thing i called up 111 stating for the same complaint 2 days ago i would have received a service call but i havn’t as per your service schedule customer should receive call in 72 hours which has gone already.

Just now i’ve received a mail stating that my bill is charged correctly my question is when last my phone was disconnected my uinbilled amount as around 9K how come i’ve used 4gb data and the unbilled amount is 9K it should have been more than 20k.

Kindly take an action on this company making fraud with the customers.

Thanks & Regards
Vipin Kumar

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