Worst tour of nepal with bharat tirtha darshan

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: BHARAT TIRTHA DARSHAN

In September 29 this year(2011) I booked Nepal package tour through Bharat Tirtha Darshan(Kolkata), “One Of The Pioneers Of Tourist Organizations” (?????)in Kolkata. I have toured with many tour operators in the past, but this was the worst experience for me on an organized tour! The kind of experience I went through dealing with Bharat Tirtha Darshan, right from booking stage to post tour interaction was simply worst.

My personal recommendation is to avoid Bharat Tirtha Darshan at any cost. They cannot provide promised good accommodation, good food, comfortable travel and good coverage of the destination – in short meet basic expectations. Bharat Tirtha Darshan as concluded by all the tour members (customers) on this tour is a mis-managed, un-professional tour company providing worst possible service for the premium amount they charge.

Problem with Bharat Tirtha Darshan

Cheap Hotel Selection:

During booking process, it was assured by Bharat Tirtha Darshan that good star like hotel accommodation would be provided during the tour. Whereas except Chitwan, condition of hotel accommodation provided by the tour operator was so bad and poor that nobody could imagine also. In Kathmandu, they forced us to stay in a unhygienic damp room(Lai Lai holiday inn).When we were going to complain about it we even got physical harassment by hotel boy.

One of the reasons for most of customers to select Bharat Tirtha Darshan was the promise to provide good food on all days of the tour. The food that was served on most of the days was either inadequate or poor quality, with absolutely no choice available.

Worst Tour Guide/Manager:
The manager of the tour was never accessible. He was not bothered to listen to anybody’s problem or requirements. Even he was continuously arguing with me and my family for every single matter whether it’s big or small. He is pure dull headed and inexperience manager who doesn’t know anything about the place.

For the heavy price that the we paid on this tour had to pay in terms of time, money, mental peace and above all ruining family vacation, all the tour members were mentally very upset after returning from the tour. The entire episode has left us with most traumatic experience of being cheated by Bharat Tirtha Darshan for our hard earned money.

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