Worst support by airtel

Location/place: chennai

Name of company/service: Airtel

hi all,
i was calling to airtel behalf of my friend who was changed 4200rs for her 1st month airtel bill.. Because her number was blocked i have to call the airtel toll fee through my prepaid airtel. the story starts… first i called in 9840012345 and used proper options and selected the post paid department entered the postpaid number and reached the prepaid department. the agent said you reached the wrong department pls call 18001031111 and the same story again .. i tried this more than 2 days and in vain… last time i spoke to priya transferred to her TL venkatesh he said you try this all day still you will reach prepaid only .. so my questions are if some one’s airtel postpaid is blocked then how can we reach them? why do they have this menu inthe tollfee and still route it wrongly to a different department.. i am soo pissed off i cant even think what to do now… Help me out

my number is 8754555169

[email protected]

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