Worst Services Provided by Reliance Net Connect // 4 Months and still counting

Location/place: NOIDA

Name of company/service: Reliance NetConnect

Hi Sir/Madam,

I bought a Reliance NetConnect Data Card in June when i was told that the speed, if not 3.1 Mbps, would definitely be around

2 Mbps. Which on the day of receiving was around 100 kbps. I immediately called the agent who sold it to me. He stated that

it was temporary activation and withing 2 weeks it would be permanently activated (Agent Name : Munendra from Reliance – / Mobile Numbers : +91 9555903991,+91 9457536540 ). I found this to be fishy information so i contacted the

Customer Care Number who told me that there is only one activation and there is no concept of Permanent / Temporary

Activation and the reason i was getting low speed was that there was some technical fault in my Area that would not be fixed

before August 31st. I immediately requested a refund to which i was told that there is no refund policy and i should try

contacting the agent back. So i called Munendra who hung up the phone on me and never picked the phone again. When i called

on their landline they’d hear my name and hang up on me.

So without further ado, i contacted customer support again and requested a supervisor, i spoke to a lot of people and they

directed me to follow a lot of steps (downloads/ uploads etc ) to try and troubleshoot the problem. All of which counted as

my usage was billed. For a few days i kept arguing with the Customer care/Technical Support that i’ve been lied to and it’s a

fraudulent sale and i should be given a refund. They strictly refused any refunds but at the same time agreed to the fact

that my problem was indeed genuine. Finally a supervisor referred me to the NOdal Authority.

Then I called the Nodal Authority and they again after a few days of exchanging calls and emails refused a refund and advised

me to communicate with the Appellate Authority.

Then i contacted the Appellate Authority who have been working on this issue for a very long time now but there has been no


In the meanwhile, many people kept calling me to pay the bill and threatening to put me in the Defaulter List. Finally a

person by the name Vivek Chauhan called me and stated that i’d not paid the bill and he’s calling from the Defaulter

Department. I told him about the concern, which he heard patiently and told me that he’d put me on Defaulter List anyway and

did not have any solution for my problem.

Here are a few of the Interaction/Complaint ID’s & Names of people i’ve been talking to :-
Interaction IDs — Customer Care : Roby, 2342543454 (Chetna), 2343748031(Hemant), 2342615073(Nodal Officer).
Complaint ID : 156133427

Dheeraj : Agent Name from Sales Department Who insisted that refund was possible but only if it’s a technical fault.He said

that they’ll have to arrange a technical visit before they can refund. I told him that the issue was 3 months before and as

per Reliance Customer Care / Technical Support, the issue would’ve been resolved by 31st August. He said that i should’ve

asked for refund before. I told him that i asked for refund on the second day after purchasing the data card. He said that

refund is only possible after technical visit. I told him that i’ve been contacting Nodal Office & the Appellate Authority.

He said ” Sir ji, wo log bhi executive hote hain, nodal authority aur appellate main bhi. Unko kuch nai pata hota.”
My question : I asked for refund on the second day, why was the technical visit not arranged immediately and a refund given ?

Why did no one tell me before that refund can be done only after Technical Visit ?? As per Reliance, the issue was going to

be fixed by 31st August. So if the technical visit is arranged after 31st August or for that matter after 3 months of the

reporting of the issue, there is no use as the issue is already fixed. So Reliance is just playing a game of sending the

technician after the issue is solved and then you’ll tell me that the problem is fixed so there would not be any refund ??

Vivek Chauhan : Agent from Defaulter Department who’s put me on Defaulter List // his Phone Number : 0124-3271662

Kindly look into this as this is becoming a very disappointing experience with a company as big as Reliance. Me & my

relatives/friends using other products from reliance as well, which i’m getting a very negative feeling about now.

Best Regards,
Aditya Kumar

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