Worst service from shopClues

i bought “5 Tier Foldable Stainless Steel Shoe Rack 16 Pair” from the ShopClues portal.but i was not happy with that product because it is shaking a lot. so i requested for return of the product because of quality of that model. so they ask me for the video of the product i send the video ,and again they ask video of problem while using it(but in portal they mentioned used products will not be returned), i took a video by showing it defect (used hand to shake it).so i replayed to them you only mentioned in portal as used products con’t be returned. but i didn’t get any response for 4 days but in mail they mentioned with in 48 hours after receiving only we can return. so i waited for 4 days and i sent a mail again asking for resolution and also mentioned if i didn’t get replay for my mail i will go to consumer forum. so next day (today) i got the mail saying that
“We express our inability to accept your return request as we have sent you the same product ordered by you. Moreover, it is of standard quality. Please refer to for return policies. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.” so returning of product is second part but i didn’t understand why they are nor giving the service in time.
So please control the online shopping portals from this kind of service.

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