Worst Service Provided

Location/place: Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

Name of company/service: Reliance Communicatons Ltd.

I had Reliance connection and the number is 0223298XXXX. From June 2011 is not working properly, since I am out of station I am not able to make complaint to Reliance Communication. From July 2011 the instrument totally dead, in spite of it I made payments. Since the it is totally dead I visited local reliance communication vendor and requested them to make the replacement, but they said since it is WLL we have to contact the Customer Care. So I called the customer care and made a complaint, but the customer care people told me to contact the nearest Reliance Web World, likewise I contacted the nearest Reliance Web World. But I didn’t got any proper response from the person sitting on the counter, so I waited till the in charge of the customer care arrives and lodged my complaint to him, he told me that he is not sure whether the instrument can be replaced. So again I contacted the customer care and told them to take necessary action to replace my instrument. They told me that an engineer will contact me within 3 working days, but no one called me. Again after four days I called the customer care, they assured that they will send the engineer. Likewise after two days one person came to my house at that time I am not in the house, the person and checked and told to my family members that the instrument is beyond repair and it has to be replaced and since at that time he has not having the spare instrument inhand he told to my family members that they can contact the local reliance vendor for replacement. Meanwhile I received a bill to make payment for the month of Aug.2011. When I came to know the incidence I fed up the service provided and again I called the customer care, they told the complaint has been closed and asked to make a fresh complaint, likewise they made, also I asked them to refund my bill amount paid for the month of July 2011, since I have not used the instrument, but they told they can’t make the refund of July bill but they told me not to pay for the month of Aug bill. After two days while I am on travel one person called me and told me that he is a reliance engineer and he told me that he is having an old instrument and whether he can provide it to me. But I told that what there is guarantee the old instrument he is providing will last long days so I told him if he is able to provide a new instrument it will be better if not provide the old one. But afterward a week I didn’t got and words from Reliance, so again when I contacted the customer care again I started their old story that the call has been closed and I have to make a fresh complaint again which will go for another a week. Finally I told them that further I am not going to contact the Reliance, and not going to make any further payments till the instrument got repaired I have already made the payment for the periods June 2011 and July 2011 in spite of the instrument not working. Thereafter I didn’t have any call from Reliance. One fine day during the last week of Dec.2011 one person from Reliance came to my house and told my family members that the payment is pending. Since I am not in the house my family members asked him to come on the next day, afterwards he didn’t turn back. On 13-Jan-2012 I received a couriered notice from the Advocate of the Reliance, stating that I have to pay default payment of Rs.1, 841/- along with the interest. I tried to contact customer care, and enquired them about the notice which I received, they started asking me to contact another number, and likewise it goes on. Also I contacted the contact number mentioned in the Advocate notice for queries, but not proper clear response. Yet today (29-Mar-2012) I received another legal notice from the Advocate of Relicance communication. On seeing all this I fed up with the way they are giving mental torture in spite all of worst service. Since I don’t have any spare time to run behind this I decided to pay Rs.1841/- as they mentioned. I brought this to your notice how Reliance is making money inspite of their worst service.

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