Worst Service of Reliance… Data Card Not Working Properly

Hi Sir/Mam

I bought Reliance Data Card (Reliance Pro3), on saturday 18. I submitted there my documents and money as required. They ask me to submit Rs. 1900 for plan of 999 10GB Day/10GB Night after all unlimited. I paid and all procedure done. They said from Monday you will be using your internet at home. I have been very happy. Monday I went there. They gave me only Data Card, some reason it is not activated, they said wait for tomorrow, i wait. Tuesday they at evening your data card will be activated. Nothing happened. Finally data card activated on Wednesday at evening but internet was data didn’t credited. I call to the customer care they said will be shortly upto 24 hrs but it’ s wrong,  I went to the retailer to ask what happened return my money otherwise I’ll go to the consumer court. They said the internet is work very soon please wait. Saturday they recharged for 5 GB. I don’t what kind of plan. They said it is mandatory for every customer. after that you will get your plan. But what is this. This is first time in my life, I’m using net speed of 0.259/KBPS. Shit i call to customer care representative. They said some area problem having the reliance technical person is working on this area. Again i called there someone said your computer is not good. Again I called there someone said your complain have noted with us. Very soon it will be fixed. Again called there next one is said your complain never noted. 



So what is this next person don’t what happened with us. This is my first time in Reliance Telecom in my family. Should Reliance care don’t want to make more customer. My elder brother said this not good for before buying Reliance Data Card. Was he saying right?


I think right. I never use the speed of internet .0578-50.00KBPS.

Shame for Reliance they are doing with new customer.


Dheeraj Kumar Singh


Data Card No. 9313326288

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