Worst service of Micromax Mobile

Location/place: Navsari

Name of company/service: Micromax Mobile

I have purchased Micromax A-116 mobile phone on 22-06-2013. Within 2 months of purchase, I faced some incoming audio problem in the same and thus, I have contacted Micromax service centre in Navsari (Gujarat) on 21-08-2013, they suggested me to leave the phone at service centre. After two days on 24-08-2013 I have again contacted to Micromax service centre, Navsari they replied that the phone is sent to Ahmadabad for repairing and same will get back in ten days. Sir, I again contacted to service centre after stipulated time again they replied that the phone have already been repaired and soon it will be delivered to you. Sir, I have again contacted to local service centre on 07-09-2013 they again replied that phone is repaired and dispatch is pending from Ahmadabad. Same day (07-09-2013) I have again contacted with customer care number of Micromax 18605008286. The executive asked me the jobsheet no. I have replied him my jobsheet no. W010397-0813-5011491. She told me that my phone is yet not repaired, I have told her that I have informed by care centre Navsari that phone has already repaired and only delivery is pending but she again told me that phone is still not repaired. Sir, I have asked her that the information given by your service centre is correct or given by you, please confirm and tell me what is correct status of jobsheet. She have given me the complaint No. MMX 0709133813 and assured that you will get the resolution shortly. On 14-09-2013 I have again contacted with customer care executive at 18605008286 but they again told me to have 10-15 days to resolve the problem. Sir, I contacted repeatedly with customer care at Navsari (02637-255000) and 18605008286, [email protected], [email protected] but neither they have replied accurately nor returned my phone. I again approached Personaly Micromax Care centre, Navsari on 17-09-2013 but they again replied that my phone has already repaired and pending dispatch from Ahmadabad. Now, I am very disappointed due to mismatch and diversified replies from all the sources of Micromax Care Centres right from beginning i.e. 21-08-2013 to till date. And thus, all these conflicting responses forced me to approach legal sides to get product services entitled to get from Micromax India as a customer.

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