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Location/place: Delhi


I placed one order on 10th July from, there TAT to deliver the product is 2-5 working days. is not at all a trust worthy website, i saw one product for the amount of 2499 (puma sandals navy blue), when i checked the same product on, i saw the price of 1169 for the same product, they have given me the voucher of the extra amount paid.

And now just because they have given me this voucher, they are not delivering the product to my place and giving stupid reverts like quality check of the product failed, now they are saying 20 more days required to deliver the product.

these guys are really worst, just because of them, i cancelled my trip to goa for which i paid 24826, so that i can enjoy my birthday in goa, i cancelled the trip, if you want i can send you the e-ticket which i bought.

I called 78 times in last 6 days to get this product, every agent has given me revert and not the resolution.

i need this product in 2 days along with compensation of flight which i cancelled and bill of 78 calls which i made to

there supervisors(Shweta,monika,megha,amit) really dont deserve this position, even there CEO Mr Bhushan sood didnt reverted on the mails which i sent.

i want this product to be delivered to my place in 2 days.

please help me getting this product.


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