Worst service.

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Airtel Broadband services.

I am using Airtel Broadband connection in Banagalore for the past 6 years. I had no problem and everything was fine. Last month, I relocated to a different place in Bangalore and wanted my connection to be shifted to the new location. I registered a request for the same on 07/04/12. request no. 14020952. I received a call from Airtel the very next day and was informed that the same number can not be retained in the new location so a new number is generated. The new number was shared to me. I was happy that my connection is getting transfered faster then the promised time frame of 1 week. Then later no calls or no visit by airtel persons till 18/04/2012. I started following up with custmer care on the transfer request. some how my previous request was closed with out any resolution. I registered one more complaint and followed up continuously. 14529902, 20313951, 14476278,14695876, 14916992, 107922781, 15223194. For all my complaints, I got couple of calls with promises to resolve the problem very soon. But there was no solution. Once again I called up 2 weeks back and checked. Customer case executive informed me that all the previous compaints registered by me were resolved and closed. I got frustated and stopped following up. I started looking for other alternatives for broadband connection. But too my surprise, this month bill is also generated for Rs. 295.85 rupees and dispatched to me. I called up the customer care and informed them that I never had any connection, but the bill is generated. Today, I received a call from collection guys asking the reason for not paying the bill. They want me to settle the bill amount immediately.

Now I don’t know what to do?? Do i keep paying the bills to Airtel regularly even if don’t have any connection??

I don’t wany any airtel connection. I am happy to have services from other vendor. I want my connection to be closed and never want to have any airtel services in future.

Can anyone from Airtel, resolve the problem and close my account?? Or do I need to go through some legal course to get the problem resolved??

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