Worst Service

Location/place: Chennai

Name of company/service: Overnightexpress Courier

I supposed to receive a DD from SBI . The Bankers send a DD by Courier OVERNIGHT EXPRESS on 4th July from Delhi to Chennai. But I could not received upto 11th July 2012. I contacted Bank they had given the Consignment No 4140257236 and asked me to contact the Courier company. I tried to contact Regional office, Chennai only the number is ringing but no one lifted but my money gone because voice mail says pl dial ext no or wait for operator then it connected no ones lifted. Then I complained by mail , next day I got a SMS and asked to contact no. 12th July contacted, he said today he will deliver. But till now 13th July (now 20.00hrs)I didn’t receive. Deliver boy never comes to apartments and simply indicating that ADDRESSE SHIFTED.???????

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