worst nokia care service provided here

Location/place: mysore

Name of company/service: nannies nokia care

i had purchased a nokia supernova mobile in may 2009.the problem started with the mobile 1 year later.i approached nannies nokia care in mysore.they said it would cost us 250.In less than 1 year the software has gone corrupt 7 times and each time i’m spending rs 250-300.the employees there are so rude and probably do not know what the word ‘polite’ is.they do not know how to speak to the customers.all they want from us is to pay money.they are not bothered about what is the quality of software or service they have is the worst shop i have ever my suggestion to people in mysore not to appraoch that shop if ur mobile has any prob.because the problems increase once you approach that shop.

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  1. 10 years ago

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