Im an avid drinker of redbull and I know how redbull tastes. Yesterday I got a redbull and it smelled kinda bad without even opening it. The can felt little thin… The smell is so bad. Its like a fruit thing but its not. And then I opened it and drank a sip. its the worst taste ever. I vomited. Its like some manufacturing defect. Cant be expected from a brank like redbulll which is internationally recongnized. The smell is soo bad. I got to know its coming from the drink. I told my mother to taste it to know if its just me, as she knows how redbull tastes.. She told me after taking a sip, that I made her drink poison. Which emotionally hurt me. You are supposed to give me wings, not literally but atleast give good energy but this time, what you did??? You gave me a bad product which lead to vomit and headache because of the bad smell, terrible smell and bad taste, even thin can. Last but not least, you made my mother say negatively abt me because of your product?? If you want I can give it, test it. Its not even expired… So that you can blame the outlet… Its your fault. This not expired. But if anyone drinks, they might expire fast. I want to be compensated for this, not jsut for mental stress or serving bad quality or headace or vomiting but for your inebility to serve a valued customer like me. I alone drank over 1500 bottles and you made me get hurt emotionally. Why? Reply me. here is video I made also this I want justice to be done. I will post and spread the word every where. Because as this happned to me, Im saved as I know how redbull tastes and smells. IF a new customer drinks for the first time, who is not aware, he might probably fell sick and die. This is serious. A new customer wont know the taste of redbull so will drink thinkng its how redbull is. Very very disgracful situation.You should respond and act. Gain back my trust.

UPDATE: Redbull did reach out to me and said they will replace the Can & will take the defective one for testing..
I replied them, Its sad they dont care about the customer and only about their reputation. WILL THEY REPLACE A LIFE IF SOME DIED DRINKING IT? And they want to destroy the evidence in name of testing. I’m aware of the taste as I drank over 1500 redbulls so I saved myself. What if a new costomer drank it? He would have died or fell seriously sick. He wouldnt even know and might think thats getting wings. So I saved a life here. I do deserve more than a freaking replacement considering Im very loyal and this experience happend to me. They should write me again but they didnt. WRITE ME REDBULL

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