Worst Digital TV experience- AIRTEL

I’m writing this complain towards the insensitivity shown by AIRTEL digital TV towards my problem specifically by their customer service associates and & negligence shown by the company in resolving the issue of my airtel digital tv connections.

In spite of so many complaints through their call center and assurances that they provide (like the issue will be resolved the very next day by a technician) are all false promises ,it’s been almost two months that none of the technician has even bothered to come to my flat to resolve the complaint.

I’ve been given assurances after assurance by your seniors as well as call representatives but the issue has not been resolved yet.

I’ve subscribed for all the channels including the HD channels when I opted for the Airtel connection however,I’m not able to watch many of the channels in HD and most of the channels are not subscribed for my package even though I’ve paid for all the channels in my package.

I’ve written recently to Appellate group ([email protected]) regarding this complain & requesting to get in touch with the appropriate people in their company and help me resolve this problem within 24-48 hours but seems like they don’t care at all about their customer experiences.

This kind of disappointing service from a company like Airtel is so frustrating and it shows lack to care and professionalism towards your subscribers.

I’ll write these in social media also as I’ve all the proof of the complaints that I’ve made so far including the call recordings along with this email.

I’ve attached the screen shot of the complaints that I’ve made and the complaint number provided by their representatives so that you can check how irresponsible your company is in resolving the customer’s issue.

Hoping for a positive reply form a frustrated and disappointed AIRTEL DIGITAL TV CUSTOMER.

I believe if Airtel had been failed to provide the expected services to me in-spite of charging a premium amount of 799 per month & that too from last 5-6 months, they should return the amount (remedy) for the faulty service to me for so long.

My customer id is: 3023067498001
Mobile Reg: 9145666040 / 8866378012

Thanks and Regards,
Vinay Upadhyay

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