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The sales representative of the early salary has transferred 5k amount to my wallet as an demo… And told me that you can utilize the money and your interest will get calculated from the day you spend from your wallet. Now the mount was lying in my wallet for 1.5 months suddenly one day i got an email that your 1st EMI is on 1st of jan’19. I was wondering how come i had received an email without taking any loan nor spending any amount from wallet. So i called up early salary they told me that interest will get calculated once the amount has been transferred to the wallet, i had given them a option that it was the fault of sales representative not mine… And if you want than you can take the entire money from my wallet itself. But they were not listening to my view rather putting things in difficult for me. Any ways i told them that i will pay the EMI as per the month but since i came to know all this things latter i will pay the amount on your wish only but not in the beginning of the month rather i will pay by end of the month. And as promised i had paid all the EMI but still i have not got any NOC yet rather getting calls for interest…# company needs to be banned on immediate basis.Post my complaint in consumer forum they called me up and told me that they can waive out my outstanding balance of 1200 rs if i get 6 new customer for them,so that the joining bonus of the 6 new customer will get adjusted against my outstanding amount…think how pathetic is the company and its though…i told them that i can’t and still they are sending sms and emails and harassing me..if this does not stopped i am going to lodge a official FIR in police station as i am not able to apply home loan due to this.

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