Worst After Sales Service of Kent

Location/place: Howrah, West Bengal

Name of company/service: Kent Water Purifier

I had purchased a Kent water purifier in Feb 2012. It is not working since last 15 days. I called customer care of kent and they provided me the number of their officer in eastern region. I called him and he send an engineer who said that some part of it needs to be replaced. He asked me to buy that part. My purifier is still in warranty period. I called the sales man who sold me the purifier but he is not answering my call. I mailed the customer care serive centre and each time they reply me back that the problem will be resolved. However no action is being taken yet.

Company is saying dealer will replace that part and dealer is saying since company had provided the warranty they will bear the cost of replacement.

Why do innocent customer have to suffer after being paid a handsome amount of this product from our hard earned money?
what is the remedy and what action can be taken further. Please help.

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