work not done of new car

Location/place: Govandi Mumbai

Name of company/service: Tata Wasan Motors

I bought a tata indigo car T permit new ,Had service regularly from their service centre, My car met with a small accident repaired at a gaurage outside for to get it soon , The car was running good all of a sudden the car had a starting problem,Went to service centre they changed the starter of the car , after some time same problem again they changed the starter, They had changed the started for 4times till now even after many complaints to wasan motors & tata they never check the main problem for one one week i had to keep the wehicle in the service centre then also they never make the problem solved , atlast the person from tata motors came & found the fault , now the co want me to pay the previous amount of the starter just saying that i had not informed them about the accident which i had already said to the mechanic for the first time when it went for the repair.I my car almost spent 20 days in the service centre, i had to pay thge bank instalment , The driver salary , & also had to bear the loss of rs 3000/- per day for the vehicle had to buisness running on the road, The car is still in warranty period & still in service centre.Total i had to face a loss of rs 70000/-. Please look into the matter and get me justice thanking you

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