Woodlands Multispeciality Hospitals, 8/5 Alipore Roard. Kolkata – 700027 – Is now only a money making health Unit

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: TATA Consultancy Services

Here is my feedback and needs to be looked at in prior. As I strongly believe like my other patients are suffering a lot too and Woodlands is making just money without caring properly to the patients.The doctors are no doubt good, but the management and Nursing stuff are horrible. my Mother is admitted in Room# 209 and she has multiple chronic and complex diseases. When a bell is given for 2- 3 times then only after 10 minutes 1 nurse comes, turn the bell off, then again after 5 minutes another nurse come for the requirement. Surprisingly a male attendant is coming most of the time in Female patient’s cabin. when almost 14-16 patients are admitted number of female nurses are 2 while 1 is male attendant. As a patient attendant I had to engage myself when my mother wants to pass Urine, doctor advise was to hot sponge but one of the keralite siter insisted patient to take cold sponge. Patient takes Espogen injection twice a week, now while one time a injection is given another nurse came after 15 mintues and opened another espogen. Patient is telling her that this one is already given 15 minutes back -this clearly shows how irresponsible the nursing stuff is. Patient being diabetic – food quality is pathetic. Patient is supposed to take steam thrice a day but even patient is calling nurse they are not coming and giving steam to patient as recommended. This is the 3rd time my mother is being treated in Woodlands and even after lodging a complaint with floor manager there is hardly any action taken. If I am to rate Woodlands on a scale of 1 to 5 where 5 being very poor I would recommend for a “5” this time than earlier two times.

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