Without approval Deduction of Rs 115 by a customer care call

Location/place: Panipat,Haryana

Name of company/service: Tata Docomo

On 26 March 2012
I received a customer care call around 3.15 p.m.
asking to activate the 115 gprs pack promising for a good speed of 50-60 kbps
I asked them to activate rs 69 plan if there is good speed in it also
They replied that 69 plan with good speed is not available
So i denied to activate and ended the phone

Aftr 5 minutes i usually activated the rs 5 daily gprs pack and i received the confirmation msg of that and aftr that i received the deduction msg of rs 115

I asked customer care 2 times about that on same day but they said that due to technical problem they couldnot check
On next day i called ….they promised to return amount in next 24 hours but no response till next day

Again i called customer care about this and he said that ur request is procssed nd u will surely get solution in next 24 hrs but till now there is no solution
Today 5 days are gone but i hav got no solution for this unnecessarily deduction of balance vidout approval
I am very dissapointed with company’s disregard towards customer problem
I want this problem to be solved at the earliest
Otherwise i will port in some other connection

The company advertise that there are no hidden costs but
This company company calls unnecessarily and deducts balance without customers approval and refuse to return that balance
The balance should be returned otherwise the company should accomplish the purpose of being the worse sim services

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