Withdrawal of Club Mahindra Membership id.2834359 & Refund down payment

I, Mohan lal garg, club mahindra membership id.2834359 have got a call from club mahindra company to attend a workshop. on 18/08/2018 i attended the workshop & made the down payment same day. But later due to some reasons i applied to withdraw the membership.

On 19/08/2018 due to some reasons i applied for the withdrawal of membership as i have not availed any of the benefits till now & request them to refund the amount paid as the down payment dated.18/08/2018 through my SBI bank debit card.

Details of payment made are below:
Rs37080/- ( Rs17080/- Txn # 883625 and Rs20000/- txn#883467)

Also three SBI cheques were handedover to the representatives , cheque details are below:
chq no
117 dt.07/10/18 Rs11424/-
119 dt.07/11/2018 cancelled cheque
120 dt.07/11/2018 Rs11424/-

For the sake of intimation within 10 days cooling / freelook of making the down payment , i have sent a written communication for the withdrawal of membership to club mahindra corporate office: Mahindra Holidays & resorts India ltd Mahindra towers , 1st floor “A” wing Dr. G.M Bhosle marg , P.K Kurne chowk , Worli , Mumbai -400018 via DTDC courier dt.21/08/2018 vide AWB .Z71818150 , already delivered to the address along with the mail sent for cancellation of membership since i didn’t get any revert till then.

I have submitted 3 cheques of SBI submitted initially & 3 more cheques are demanded again from their side are also handed over to them dt.21/09/2018.

1.I asked the executive the procedure for cancellation of membership at the time of payment.I was told that there is no process of cancellation of membership once availed & i need to visit Rohini, Delhi office that may take a year or more than that for the refund that too depends upon the discretion of the company.
2.They confirmed me that the cancellation process take 60-90 working days although the withdrawal /closure clause says different timelines”it says- if i wish to withdraw my membership within 10 days of making the down payment , the company refunds the entire amount within 30 days of request” .
3. I get the call for submitting more cheques despite the fact that the withdrawal of membership is initiated from my side many days before.yet i have submitted 3 more cheques dt.21/09/2018 (Drawee bank: Axis Bank ltd,vide chq no;s 54127,54128 of Rs11767/- each & chq no.54129 cancelled cheque).

All the above unsatisfactory points made me to withdraw the membership .

On 21st of Sept i gave 3 cheques again after telephonic discussion with executive Kamal sati (mob.9599020041) & Jitender (Mob.9810036296). As per their confirmation the cheques taken initially were of less amount than required hence fresh cheques are required to be submitted again of Rs11767/- each .They also confirmed that the cheques required only for the cancellation formalities & will not be lodged into clearing but the cheques are lodged & returned.
This is a fraud & misleading done by their employees.
Everytime i get a different mail without the chain of mails i have sent across for cancellation & with no satisfactory reply .
On 15/10/2018 i get the full & final settlement cheque no.213548 of Rs1245/- dt.05/10/2018.
It really make me annoyed & feel harassed.
You are requested to kindly help & take the matter to the grievance committee for the resolution.
Mohan lal garg

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