Window AC complaint

Location/place: Delhi

Name of company/service: LG

I had purchased this machine on 13th May 2012. I have problem in its cooling. I had register a complaint on 23rd may .
Your engineer has come on 26th may after 3 days. He checked and give some explanation that for cooling will check AC gray temperature and then room temperature and outside temp.
He come back in the evening with temperature machine. He found that the given explanation by him was not up to the mark.
Then He call to their senior and ask for his visit.
Next day the new engineer has come and explained the different way of checking and mark for again senior engineer visit and went.

On 29th may I call again to the customer care service and ask for the status for the above complaint, as per them the above complaint has been closed by service center.
They give me a new complaint no ( RNA120529055191) when I ask them why the new complaint no as it should be same as first one.
They said it’s a company policy .. pls confirm is it ????

Can you explain us that how can service center close a complaint without customer satisfaction. ??????
Are service center have authority to close a complaint without customer confirmation ???

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