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Name of company/service:

May i know what is this ?

if this is not working what its doing there in FAQs …
Is this correct to provide the wrong information.

This is what happens to me. I have to book a another flight so i need to cancelled the previous booking.But i don’t want the money back in my account as i need to book another ticket.As now most of the online service provide some online wallet in the user account as a virtual money (I think u know it better) like , and many more. i tried to call the Makemytrip support but i was not getting the direct call transfer and lastly i got the connected with this message “Please wait as all ours executive are busy” while waiting i search the Makemytrip site and see the FAQs there i just the put the ” flight cancellation refund mode” in the search by key word option. i find the following (wrong) helps or you may say steps ..

And this is what i want,I don’t want the money back to my account as i have to book the another flight from the same site.
So i opt to choose “Refund in Kind” . I want my money back in the form of coupons and cash in my account (virtual money).
But what is this ….. while cancellation process i didn’t got any step like 2 and 3. Its directly went to step 4 ” Your cancellation will be confirmed along with your desired refund option”. May i ask WHY ????please you can also check.
Then again i called the one of the executive first he was not at all ready to agree that this can be happen and i told him about the same above link than he told “SORRY we don’t give this service NOW” i told then why this information there? Then again after some pause he replied we give this service to some special customer. What is this ? OK OK … So at least you should mention that “NOTE – This service is not applicable to every one” .RIGHT ?
So i am writing this , Makemytrip is trusted site please don’t give the wrong information. And please don’t say SORRY or reply sorry to this mail as its the only customer who SUFFERS every time. Its something like this “What goes to my father”.
Ya, I am not asking for money. I know i will got the money back in my account. But if this facility is not there then why its present in your HELP as a “WRONG INFORMATION”..

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