Whirlpool washing machine-motherboard complaint

Location/place: Trivandrum

Name of company/service: Whirlpool

Dear Sir,

Sub:Whirlpool washing machine – (whitemagic SPLASH: serial no:INB092101131 Model no:9855 ) Purchased from NANDILATH G-Mart, Trivandrum, Kerala on 4-6-2009

The machine was ok till the warranty period ends.Now it is not working. After switching it on, the indicators just flash only once and GO OFF.
I have reported this to the authorised service centre, (bakery jn-vazhuthacaud road, Trivandrum. Phone-0471-2327532) and as per the technician, the MOTHER BOARD has to be REPLACED which costs around Rs.3500/-….!

I wonder why these service people are Not trained to REPAIR the mother board..?
Why should I need to pay for the WHOLE board, if ONE OR TWO components fails….?

They also said that I need to pay for another Rs.900/- for a voltage protector to be connected to the machine.

I would like to get a reply from WHIRLPOOL company for my queries :
1. Is it possible to repair the mother board..?
2. Is it mandatory to use the voltage protector….?

Anticipating your reply,

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