Location/place: Delhi

Name of company/service: WHIRLPOOL

I have a complaint pending with whirlpool since the month of May.
The series of complaint numbers are as below:
Dated 18/06 – SR # DL0612023353
Dated 22/06 – SR # DL0612029356
Dated 02/07 – SR # Dl0712001128

Initially the engineer not did recognize the problem and I landed up paying Rs. 2895 for gas complaint # SR # DL0612023353
When the problem was not solved they changed the compressor against complaint # SR # DL0612029356
The problem was still not recognized and it continued.
Now my complaint dated 02/07 – SR # Dl0712001128 is lying pending with the service center as the company has stopped manufacturing the part.
The center says they have no solution to the problem after one month as they cannot get the part.
I would also like to say that the person from the center was extremely rude & non cooperative.
On speaking to the CC team I was asked to contact the branch as they have no solution to my problem.

The attitude of the staff is to get a customer harassed and feel happy.
I now realize that the aftersales services are very poor.
Would appreciate if you can take action against my problem and come to a solution.

Namita Vats
EMAIL : [email protected]

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