what should i do against samsung service centre

Location/place: agm-43, rudrapur udham singh nagar

Name of company/service: samsung

Sir, i have earlier also posted a complain on your wall and i wanna than you that the samsung company handset department has contacted me.
now they are forcing me to compromise on 50% of the discont for the service center fault.
they are saying to compromise for 50% of the discount even after expecting that it was their companies service centre mistake.
Sir they have badly harrashed me mentally on this bases and are wastin g my time every now and then.
Company promises me to call back but never does that for the 2nd time.
So it is my humble question to you wheather should i compromise on 50% or continue to say that i want it free of cost…,.,,.??

Thanking you
Aryan Agarwal

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