What about TSL enterprises?

Location/place: KOLKATA

Name of company/service: T.K. DAS & ASSOCIATES

I have received a letter from TSL Enterprises for appointment cum training Today morning, but I am exiting and confused that it is real company or fruad. Because if TSL Enterprises is the same company of Tata Steel Limited, but why the Enterprises is added to TSL and they demand a Bank Draft for Rs.2,050.00 from me for Training Purpose and it will be refunded at the time of first salary drawn. In my knowledge the Company TATA STEEL LIMITED is a large Company in India and they can not take any amount from the Candidate for Training Purpose. Another matter the TSL Enterprises mentioned in this letter that the Demand Draft should be sent only Simple Post(No Speed Post/No Registered Post/No Private Courier) If we sent the Draft in No Speed Post/No Registered Post/No Private Courier, we have a Proof but in Simple Post we have no any Proof. Again the address of TSL Enterprises is TSL Enterprises, K/4, Kant Enclave, Post Office Anang Pur Faridabad, PIN-121003, HR but they mentioned in letter the address of TSL Enterprises is TSL Enterprises, Village-Chhchhaina Post-Chhchhaina Dist-Etah,U.P. Pin-207001. The email id is [email protected] I think this email is very casual. Why they have no Logo of TSL & also website in this form.

So, how can sent the Bank Draft to TSL Enterprises. If possible please give me real information about it. My email id is [email protected] and my Contact Number is (+91)9433984928

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