Weak Performance

Location/place: Vadodara

Name of company/service: Mahindra Rodeo

I purchased the Mahindra RODEO on June, 2010, from K.R.Automobiles, Nizampura, Vadodara, Gujarat. from the beginning my vehicles is not working properly, I had given my vehicle for servicing many times to K.R. Automobile, they give no any response & talk very roughly. They told we have many customer, we cannot attain everybody. For sometimes ago, I had given complain about it, in customer complain. Now, my problem is, my starter not working, I drive my vehicle through Kick. I am a working woman, how many days I used the kick. At another service station they told, we have no part for this, you go, when you could buy it. What is this nonsense? I am really irritating for this type of answering. No body can want to help customer, I bought this vehicle, under the impression of Brand Name of Mahindra. Now, if you have no take care of customer, then state forwardly asked, You are failure in two wheeler making. I really repent buying this vehicle. If you really want to help me, kindly exchange my vehicle. Atleast I hope from you, because you are manufacturer of vehicles. Please give your response regarding this as earliest.

Mob. No.9974003693 / 9979103199
Email ID : [email protected]

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