Want refund for PUREIT MARVELLA


Name of company/service: Hindustan Unilever

Dear Sir, Madam,

I am sorry, i am writing this complaint out my frustation. I bought a pure it water purifier last week on 2nd December 2012 from Reliance Digital JP Nagar Bangalore. I had the worst experience with your company product.

Here are the issues which I faced with your service, technician, call center and the product:
1) Installation took 3 days. First bad experience.
2) The technician is incapable of handling the complete installation setup. His knowledge is very limited.
3) The installation units, setup h/w had issue. The Marvella purifier was not fitting properly in socket. What kind of QA process it goes through god knows.
4) The worst : The product is faulty, first time water started leaking from all over. It started spilling from every corner of your product.
5) Worst on top of worst : Your service and technicians are the worst in the world. They have not responded back even after 3 days.
6) Your call center people only talk about sending the technicians, sorry senior technicians.

I bought this product because of HUL brand and trust.
This is the worst experience I ever had. Very frustrating and I have decided, I am not going to use this, I need my money back. I don’t want to use this product anymore.

Kindly consider my request and help me in getting my money back.

Mr. Vikram Surendran is the General Manager – India operations, Water division, his email address is – [email protected]

Requesting you to help me with the refund of the product.

My details:
customer id : 1931659620
Mobile no : 9886052728.
Address : JP Nagar 5th phase, Bangalore.

Thanks and Regards,

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